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Lemgo 1000+ [English Version]

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The Innovation Campus Lemgo e.V. has commissioned the planning office Reicher Haase Assoziierte and the business consultancy Agiplan public for the project Lemgo 1000+, aiming to collaborate with neighbors, educators, employees, students, apprentices, and others to contemplate how the campus can further evolve.

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Dear participants,

thank you for taking the time to participate in this poll. Your opinions and ideas are important to make the Innovation Campus Lemgo more attractive for all users.

The survey will only take a few minutes. Your answers will be treated anonymously and confidentially, so no conclusion can be made about you as a person. 
We wish lots of fun with your creative participation!

Lemgo 1000+ – What does that mean?

No young talents – no future!
That's why, in all activities concerning the development of the Innovation Campus Lemgo, we always ask ourselves: How can we attract 1000+ additional young and young-at-heart individuals to the #Innovation #Campus #Lemgo, and thereby to the OWL region?

We value your opinions: We need both small and big ideas about what offerings and uses are missing for you in buildings and open spaces, so that the campus becomes an attractive and vibrant place for everyone.

Innovation Campus Lemgo

The place that inspires a desire for the future!
Learn.Explore.Create. Join us.

Learning means doing it together, from each other, and in an interdisciplinary way.
Various educational institutions, from crafts and vocational colleges to technical universities, collaborate closely to create multi-institutional educational concepts that lead to tailored individual career paths. Moreover, this fosters encounters between people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and levels of knowledge, ultimately driving creative innovations.

Research means finding solutions to practical problems.
Within the ICL research environment, which focuses on various industries of digital transformation, new knowledge is generated, applied, and, most importantly, used to develop new technologies. Institutes like the renowned Fraunhofer Institute and research factories like SmartFactoryOWL or Future Food Factory provide ideal environments for developers and entrepreneurs.

Making is our mindset.
We aim to swiftly generate solutions and significantly contribute to regional development through new digital products. Companies are located directly on-site, and the network is active beyond the region. Whether within one of the clusters or across them, the development approach is always based on real needs and possibilities, following a harmonious triad of thinking.

Who we are


We aim to shape a better future. RHA creates a more livable and improved future by designing spaces - with attractive buildings, neighborhoods, cities, and regions. It is our responsibility to enhance the quality of life for all people.

The diverse projects of RHA REICHER HAASE ASSOCIATED are dedicated to shaping structural change on all levels, from individual buildings to regional contexts.


Agiplan public supports municipalities and regions from land development to innovation centers all the way to the last mile.

AGIPLAN PUBLIC thinks and works holistically. We bring together business, science, and the public sector precisely where collaborations and shared, future-oriented solutions are needed. True to our vision: "We shape sustainable transformation in cities and regions," we collaborate with stakeholders from business, science, and the public sector to develop strategies, concepts, and concrete implementations for robust and resilient future spaces.

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Oppenhoffallee 74
D-52066 Aachen


We take the protection of your data seriously. The survey does not collect data that allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity. The data received by us is therefore anonymous. The results of the survey will be used exclusively within the framework of the Lemgo1000+ project, and will be processed, evaluated, and presented in anonymized form.

For technical reasons, the "Beteiligung NRW" platform needs to collect and temporarily store your IP address. As a tool of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the platform complies with all legal data protection requirements.

By participating in the survey, you accept the privacy policy. Your participation is voluntary.




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  • Zeitraum 07.08.2023 bis 01.10.2023
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